Batting Cage Nets and Pitching Machines

Practice, Practice Practice!

As any good coach will tell you, practice is the key to becoming successful in pretty much anything. Of course batting is no different, and it doesn’t matter if you play recreationally or are one day hoping to makes the big leagues, extra-batting practice will always provide you with the foundation for long-term success on the diamond.

Batting cage nets are the perfect way to practice your craft without the hassle of chasing every ball. Set it up in your backyard for a few extra swings, or take your batting cage net to the park and practice with friends or teammates; the possibilities to improve your game are endless when you have the freedom to practice anywhere. With some of our favorite products, you can even work on your swing in the comfort of your living room!

When it comes to finding the best batting cage net, you have a variety of different options depending on the style of net, space available and type of baseball you play. Whether you play fastpitch softball, baseball, or even slowpitch softball, there are a variety of different options to suit your needs.

Plus, check out our recommended pitching machines below in case you don’t have anyone to throw to you!


Our #1 Batting Cage Net


 Swing Away Bryce Harper20' Batting Cage NetBow Net Batting Cage Net
SwingAway Bryce Harper Batting MachineTrends Sports 20' Batting CageBow Net Softball/Baseball Net
Rating (/5)
Target MarketAll AgesYouth (Under 15 Years)All Ages

Best Batting Cage Nets: Great for Baseball & Softball

SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP Hitting Machine

Swing Away Bryce HarperThe ‘SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP Hitting Machine,’ isn’t named after one of the MLB’s most dangerous hitters for nothing. One of the best selling products available, the SwingAway has helped hitter of all ages and skill level improve their swing after only a couple sessions.

Light, transportable and easy to set-up, you can practice outdoors on a sunny day or bring the cage inside on rainy day. It’s that easy.

One of the great features of the Swingaway is the patented Hitting Training Mat which trains user to maintain proper contact points, training users to hit inside, outside and down the middle pitch locations.

We reviewed this product with the help of our neighbours kids and I think this is really where the ‘Swingaway,’ shines. When the kids tried to show off and swing as hard as they could, they didn’t receive the results they would have hoped, allowing the kids to see that a smooth approach is a more productive approach.

From a durability standpoint, it held up pretty well through the first month of use. However, upon some more research, I discovered that the mesh in some cases has worn out fairly quickly over time. However, the customer service behind this product is top notch, with replacement mesh shipped to the user upon wear and tear.

Heater 20 ft. PowerAlley Baseball Batting Cage

Heater 20' Batting CageThe Trend Sports Home Run 20’ Batting Cage is a great cage for anyone ages 6 and up who wants to work on their swing in the backyard. Featuring a built in 12-in x 12-in pitching machine opening for lite-ball or mini-ball machines, batters can practice hitting live balls or can bring in a tee to hone their swing.

We recommend the Heater Basehit Baseball Pitching Machine with this product for its affordability and because it doesn’t throw harder than 45mph meaning you won’t risk wrecking the net.

Assembly is fairly quick and painless however it does become easier with an extra set of hands assisting. The Trends Sports Home Run Batting Cage is not necessarily built for real baseballs although some users have reported using real baseballs without problem.

Options for this product exists beyond the 20’ version and include a 30’ option which can be used on their own or in unison to extend the cage to your desired length.

Bow Net Baseball/Softball Portable Net


Bow Net Batting Cage NetThe ‘Bow Net Big Mouth Portable Net’ is a fantastic net for baseball and softball players alike. Weighing in at only 13lbs, this net is truly portable with a super quick set-up.  Featuring dimensions of 7’x7’ the Bownet Sports Net is big enough and strong enough to catch any type of ball hit at pretty much any speed. So even if you’re swinging the super hot DeMarini J3, the Bow Net will stand up just fine.

This net is popular for backyard use as well as team use, so no matter what you’re looking for, it should suit your needs. Make sure to use the tie-down stakes provided on windy days or you might end up chasing it around the ball field.

One knock on this particular product is that the net has been known to fray in some cases. I have not yet had an issue, but have read reports of this happening. Bow Net customer service is great however, and should get you sorted out if a problem persists.


 Our #1 Pitching Machine 

 Basehit Pitching MachineLouisville Pitching MachineBaseline Best Pitching Machine
Basehit Pitching MachineLouisville Slugger UMP 45Baseline Pitching Machine
Rating (/5)
Target MarketYouth - BaseballYouth - Baseball/SoftballAll Ages- Baseball/Softball

Heater BaseHit Baseball Pitching Machine

Basehit Pitching MachineAn affordable option for your very own pitching machine is the ‘Heater Base Hit Pitching Machine.’ Although it is simple, it is fantastic for kids who want some extra practice throughout the week or in the off-season.

An extremely easy set-up, the machine can be used by a child alone thanks to the BONUS ball feeder which is shipped with the product. Just make sure to pick up a dozen of the Lite Synthetic Leather Balls as they seem to work best with the machine.

It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a full-speed machine and anyone older than 13 or 14 might find it too slow. However, it does come with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year parts and labor warranty so you can try it if you think it may be for you.


Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Pitching Machine

Louisville Pitching MachineI was a bit skeptical of this product at first but decided to try it out after watching a couple of video reviews online. It really is a great machine; especially since it does not require any power and I found it to be extremely consistent which was refreshing.

The whole machine weighs less than 20lbs making it conveniently transportable and fits in the back of most cars. Another nice feature is just how versatile it is, as it’s able to throw both hardballs and softballs.

Again, this is a machine generally targeted at youth so don’t expect it through 100mph fastballs.



Baseline Pitching Machine

Baseline Best Pitching MachineAlright, here we go, this is the real deal if you’re looking to practice like a pro. The ‘Baseline Pitching Machine,’ is a 7-speed, made in the USA pitching machine which can clock out at 70mph. If you are looking to spend over $500 or $600 for a machine this might be your best bet.

The ‘Baseline,’ also features steel reversible legs so you have the option to chuck baseballs or softballs which makes it great for all users. Plus, at around 50 pounds, it’s not too difficult to transport from field to field if necessary.

Compared to the ‘JUGS,’ models, the ‘Baseline,’ is extremely affordable for both a team or even someone who wants it for their son or daughter in the backyard. This is probably my favorite option if you can afford it. Five Stars.

Walk Off Home Run

As you can see there are a number of options on the market. You can easily spend 5 or 6 thousand on expensive JUGS machines and batting cages. Our goal was to find equipment that you could use to improve your swing without spending thousands of dollars.

So put on the helmet, strap up your batting gloves and take some cuts.

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  1. Wondering if the baseline or a Jugs would work in our 30 foot cage. We borrowed our friends heater power alley and the dimpled balls come out way too fast at that distance. Are there any pitching machines that can deliver ~ 40-50 mph balls at that distance ( I have a 10 year old travel ball player, pretty competitive and great hitter)? I’d like to be able to adjust the speed and pitch (curve,slider,etc). Thanks.

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