DeMarini Softball Bat Reviews: Fastpitch C5 & 2014 Slowpitch Stadium

Both Performance and Style with DeMarini

DeMarini is responsible for one of this biggest advances in baseball and softball technology alike. In 1993, DeMarini released the DeMarini Doublewall; the first multi-wall bat on the market. The Doublewall, which increased the sweet spot dramatically, exploded onto the market, essentially propelling the DeMarini brand to where it is today.

Focused on providing high-end equipment to both amateurs and pros alike, DeMarini products are always extremely well made. Not known to be cheap, when you by DeMarini, you’re investing into a product which is going to hopefully allow you to be the best that you can be.

DeMarini is also known for their extremely slick style. All DeMarini bats seem to be designed for perfection, allowing players to not only hit the ball far, but look good doing it. Just take a look at the’ J3’ and try to tell me it’s not the coolest bat you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Demarini C5 Fastpitch Softball Bat

DeMarini CF5The Demarini C5 Fastpitch Softball Bat is the predecessor to the ‘C6’ and is perhaps on the most popular bats on the market and on the ball field. Known in some circles as the ‘King of Pop,’ the DeMarini C5 has provided countless players that extra ‘something,’ to score that base hit or homerun.

Although you might not need another reason to purchase the ‘C5’ but since it is now a year old, the price point has dropped considerably. We tested both the ‘C5’ and ‘C6’ out together and even though the ‘C6’ does have some extra bells and whistles, both bats are of fantastic performance and quality.

I know there are some experiences out there where DeMarini bats have broken but it’s sort of the nature of the game. I think in the realm of bat manufacturing, they are up there with the best. We definitely recommend the DeMarini C5.

DeMarini 2014 Stadium 2.1 USSSA Slowpitch Bat

DeMarini 2014 StadiumLet’s take a look now at a slowpitch option from DeMarini which is new to 2014. The DeMarini Stadium is here and it sure is packing a punch for slowpitch players out there. Advertised as one the of the stiffest bats on the market, the DeMarini Stadium is designed to channel all of the energy to the sweet spot, allowing balls to really fly.

We took this bat out to the diamond for some batting practice on a hot day and were we ever impressed at just how hot this thing was. DeMarini always packs their bats with so much punch thanks to new-age materials and technology, you can’t help but be impressed with the way this bat ‘pops’. Furthermore, the way this bat worked straight out of the wrapper was equally as impressive. I could tell as it got more and more broken in (It’s been swung about 500 times now) how it’s started to perform even better.

I have heard a complaint regarding the knob at the bottom being a little bit small for some peoples liking but it’s fairly minor. If you can afford it, we definitely recommend it.

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