Easton Softball Bat Reviews – Raw Power B3.0, L6.0, Mako and Synergy

Easton Slow Pitch Bats

Easton BatUp until 2013, I used a 2009 & 2011 Miken Psycho. The sweet spot on it was unprecedented, until I started swinging an Easton. After a few months of guys on my team raving about it I had to give it a shot and I’ve never looked back.

 The Top Easton Composite Bat

This year I’ll be sporting a brand new Easton Raw Power L6.0. I’ve been to the cages with it to break it in over the winter and it’s hot. With every additional swing it just keeps getting hotter! The last round at the cages I fully expected it to finally finish breaking in. Nope, it’s still got some spring to give.

End Loaded Versus Balanced

If you’re set on an Easton bat the next thing you need to figure out is if you want it to be end loaded or balanced.

I personally am moving towards using an end loaded bat, because I like to think of myself as a power hitter. (Let’s face it every male at the dish likes to think of themselves as power hitters). If you’re looking for a team bat, check out the lineup of balanced bats that Easton sells. If you’re looking for a bat to mash the ball as far as possible, this is the one I recommend.


The other huge factor to keep in mind is the weight. If you’re not sure which weight is correct you please refer to our article on softball bats.

Balanced Team Bats

Easton B3.0


If your team is need of a balanced team bat check out the Easton SP13B3 B3.0 Composite ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat 2-Piece.

It features an extra long barrel with a massive sweet spot. Even the poorest hitters on your squad are going to have troubles missing the sweet spot with the B3.0. Easton backs it with a 6 month warranty and it is ASA approved.

Easton Mako

Easton Mako Softball BatOn our co-ed team the bat of choice for all the girls and about half the guys is the Easton BB14MK MAKO. It’s lighter than the Easton B3.0 which makes it a bit easier to handle, it has a massive sweet spot and really good pop. It’s everything you’d expect from one of the more expensive bats on the market.

After we won the championship in 2012 we took the earnings and spent it on this bat. When we need a clutch single most everyone will grab the Mako.

Power Bats

Easton L6.0

Easton L6.0 Review

This bat has really been a shining star in the batting cage this year. I haven’t had a chance to take it out to the field but it’s been exceptionally hot. It features end loaded technology which allows you to explode through the zone.

The sweet spot isn’t as big as the balanced bats, but when you get one you know it’s gone. I’ve never swung a bat explodes through the zone like the Easton SP13L6 L6.0

Easton SCX2 Synergy

Synergy Baseball Bat

For years, the Easton SCX2 Synergy was the gold standard when it came to power bats. I still have several teammates that swear by it. This bat features the same design as the SCX2 which was released in 2003. It still remains a solid power bat with a relatively small price tag.

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