Miken Fastpitch Bat Reviews – 2014 Triad3 EXTREME & 2014 REV-EX

Miken Continues to Shine

The Miken line of baseball and softball bats is some of the most popular in the game. Constantly pushing the line of what is accepted by both the ASA and the USSSA, Miken bats offer players high performance at a great value.

We reviewed a couple of our favorite Slo-Pitch Miken Bats on firstbasecoach.com but didn’t get the opportunity until now to test out some of the high quality fastpitch bats offered. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Miken’s new Triad EXTREME Technology provides players with more pop than ever.  It also helps that their bats are manufactured in the USA which gives you piece of mind knowing you have the highest quality composite bat at the yard as well.


Our #1 Miken Fastpitch Bat


Miken Triad3 Xtreme Two-Piece-10 Composite Fastpitch Bat

The brand new 2014 Triad3 Xtreme Two-Piece Fastpitch bat has arrived and it’s certified by both the ASA and the USSSA. Featuring the Triad EXTREME technology mentioned earlier, the proprietary layering of high strength fibers will allow you to unleash the ultimate swing improving the trampoline effect when the ball connects with the sweet spot. Furthermore, with the Vortex Handle Technology, the flex of the bat is maximized for performance and durability.

We tested a 34 inch 24 length version of the Triad3 and we were immediately impressed with the amount of ‘pop’ this bat had out of the wrapper. It was also exciting to know that because this is a 2-piece, it will get even better with age. We also liked how balanced the bat is providing us the ability to contact those balls which might have been a bit out of the zone. Furthermore, the extended sweet spot allowed us to smack the ball pretty good even when it was a clear miss.

Versatility is a huge strength of the 2014 Triad3 and we absolutely love it. Five Stars.

Miken REV EX Composite One-Piece Fastpitch Bat

The Miken 2014 REV-EX Composite Fastpitch Softball Bat features Miken’s proprietary high pressure infusuion injects ultra-tough epoxy in the highest grade aerospace carbon and aramid fibers.  Basically: It packs a serious punch!

We have always liked Miken softball bats and the REV-EX is no different. We reviewed the end-loaded slo-pitch counterpart and loved it and this baby is no different. The -12 features some super slick cool green graphics which hold up well against any chipping and the white grip feels comfortable although gets dirty pretty easily. This particular model is extremely balanced and is for someone who is ideally wants to improve their bat speed considerably. By improving bat speed, you will ideally be able to hit with a little more power which everyone can use.

As with all Miken softball bats, this bat is extremely durable. Much like the slo-pitch version, both of these bats have held up really well over time. Plus, the Rev-Ex seems to be pretty hot out of the wrapper too.

The Best Options for You

As for fastpitch softball bats from Miken, the above bats are our two favorites. They offer players tremendous balance around the plate as well the opportunity to increase swing speed. Both bats come in a variety of sizes so make sure to check which bat is right for you.  Finally, as the bats are made in the USA, you know you’re getting quality with every swing. As the above bats are the 2014 models, they are on the more expensive side. However, they will last a long long time.



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