Wooden Baseball Bats

Choose your wood wisely!

They use them in the pros and if you are serious about baseball, you should use a wooden bat too. For many kids growing up, they won’t have to swing a wooden baseball bat until they are beginning to focus on aspirations of going to the MLB. For many kids, this transition can take place too late and the switch from aluminum or composite bats is too difficult to make.

If you are a youth playing baseball, we recommend having a wood bat to take batting practice with on occasion. Getting to know a wood bat will not only make the transition easier for when you’re older, but it will also make you a better hitter today.

We are going to go over a few different types of wood bats and hopefully provide you with some information so you can select the right bat for you. Be aware that wooden baseball bats are made of a variety of different woods including: Ash, Maple, Birch and Bamboo. Every wood is different in its complexion and offers a hitter different strengths and weaknesses.

Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”left” asin=”B008MIJOSQ” cloaking=”no” height=”160″ localization=”yes” locale=”US” nofollow=”no” new_window=”yes” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31UDcQ2b46L._SL160_.jpg” tag=”basecoach-20″ width=”160″]Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat[/easyazon_image]The Mizuno Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat is a thing of pure beauty. Holding this bat in your hand definitely allows you to feel like a big leaguer especially with it beautifully sanded handle designed for improved grip which we really found helpful in product testing.

Bamboo bats can in some cases can be more expensive than other types of wood. When you are looking for a wooden baseball bat, you are generally choosing between Bamboo, Maple, Birch or Ash. Some people will argue that Bamboo bats have less pop than other types of bats but for the batting cage or recreational leagues, many will argue that a bamboo bat can’t be beaten.

Bamboo bats are not allowed in the MLB which means a competitive player might just want to stick to one of the more common types of wood. The reason Bamboo Bats are not allowed is because it is actually made by a bunch of bamboo shoots melded together and mixed with glass fiber. This is illegal in the MLB because approved bats must be made of one piece of wood entirely; which is impossible for a bamboo bat.

None the less, we like the Mizuno Bamboo Elite for a variety of reasons and of course like the 120 Day Warranty associated with it.

DeMarini 2014 Pro Maple Wood Composite Bats

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”no” align=”right” asin=”B00FJHYBWM” cloaking=”no” height=”160″ localization=”yes” locale=”US” nofollow=”no” new_window=”yes” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41cVGOHHJDL._SL160_.jpg” tag=”basecoach-20″ width=”160″]DeMarini 2014 Pro Maple Wood Composite Bats [/easyazon_image]The DeMarini 2014 Pro Maple wood baseball bat is the best wooden bat we will review. With that being said, it is also the most expensive wood bad available. Designed for competitive baseball players in mind, anyone from high school and upwards will find the Demarini Pro Maple serves them well.

Maple is a more dense wood than say ash or birch. A denser wood will allow you to drive the ball a little further but can be more prone to breaking. If you tend to take balls off the handle or get jammed a lot I also recommend a maple bat as it will still provide you with the pop you need.

DeMarini bats are reinforced with their proprietary composite inner and handle providing the most powerful and longest lasting wood bats on the market. Available in four different sizes, this ‘-3’ option will definitely allow you to smash the ball the next time you’re on the diamond.

A general complaint with Maple bats is that they can generally break a little bit easier than other wood bats. Some people will argue since MLB has adopted maple bats, that the game has become more dangerous as the wood tends to ‘saw’ off on inside pitches. However, the jury is still out.

Louisville Slugger Natural Wood Baseball Bat

Louisville WoodThe Louisville Slugger Natural Wood Baseball Bat is an absolute classic. This bat is made of ash which is pound per pound the strongest timber available and much like maple, it tends to flex rather than break and tends to give the hitter a larger, more forgiving sweet spot. Ash is also a little bit lighter than maple, providing the player with a wider range of barrels.

Louisville Slugger has long been known to produce the best value bats on the market. I remember growing up and having a wooden Louisville slugger laying around the house which my brother and I would use in the backyard to hit tennis balls. I’m not sure what type of lumber we were swinging but I remember feeling like I was in the Major Leagues holding a real wooden Louisville Slugger in my hands.

This particular model is available in three different sizes and is sure to please as good value bat. I find it interesting that those looking to purchase a ‘home security,’ bat tend to go for the Louisville Slugger as well. So whatever you’re needs are, the Louisville Slugger will serve you well.

What feels good to you?

There are plenty of different option for wooden baseball bats out there. The key is to find one that feels good in your hands and you can swing with confidence. Historically, only the strongest players used maple bats as they were heavier. Since strength and conditioning have become such a large part of the game, all of the players are strong enough now to swing the more dense wood. This is why you see less ash bats being used in the MLB. However, if you are a smaller player, don’t be afraid to use an ash bat as it will still deliver the necessary ‘pop’ you need.


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