Worth Softball Bat Reviews: AMP & Sick 454

One of the best and most well-known softball gear companies in the world, Worth has been releasing quality products for what seems like forever. Generally specializing in softball bats and balls, they are also fine producers of gloves, batting gloves, accessories and variety of apparel. From our experience, Worth softball bats dedication to quality while remaining affordable has kept us coming back for more year after year.
The Worth AMP ASA Slowpitch Softball is a prime example of a batter offering both quality and affordability. A one-piece aluminum bat, the AMP is under $65 making it a great option for recreational ball players looking for a bat which will provide both performance and affordability.

Obviously, this bat will not compare to a multi-walled composite bat which is priced over $200 like the Louisville Slugger Z-2000, but it will still provide some some ‘pop’. We took it out for a batting practice session and were surprised with just how extended the sweet-spot was. We weren’t crushing the ball by any means but we were hitting some pretty solid line drives.

The graphics on it are actually pretty crisp and they tend to hold up over time. If you are looking for a solid aluminum bat for a recreational team or batting cage use, this may be it. It is also ASA and USSSA approved.

On the other side of the price spectrum is the Worth Sick 454 is upwards of $200. It is a composite bat and is perhaps one of the sickest on the slow pitch market. The ‘454,’ is representative of the sweet spot extension technology which provides an additional 2 inches of sweet spot which obviously doesn’t hurt one bit.

Super hot out of the wrapper, our experience was nothing but homeruns with this beauty. It maybe didn’t have as much ‘pop’ as the Mayhem but for the price it was definitely solid. We had read about the increased durability model and although we couldn’t really tell by swinging the bat, the composite materials are woven together with a smaller than typical diameter which helps to greatly improve the durability. With that being said, our bat hasn’t broken yet.

This particular model is ASA approved and a bit too hot for the USSSA.

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